Wellness Retreat

Nourish Body & Mind Completely


Craft Your Own Holistic Wellness Retreat


Discover how it feels to leave your vacation feeling genuinely better. There’s should be no need for a “vacation after your vacation”, instead, if you take a little time during your vacation to take profoundly good care of yourself, you will leave your stay with a full tank.


Leave your vacation healthier, happier, and energized.

If your used to staying at hotels, and cramming in the occasional 20 minutes on an elliptical form 1996, it’s time to rethink your self-care on vacation.


Restore & Balance


Nourish Each Cell


Connect & Ground


Here’s how it works:

We curate health and wellness services before you arrive to elevate your vacation into a personal retreat.


Standard Wellness Retreat

  1. Mindfulness Meditation: First you soak in the beauty of Nantucket through guided mindfulness meditation. We begin your personal retreat by settling into the experience of the present moment through our senses.

  2. Fitness and Movement: Then we activate the physical body with either a personal training session or yoga lesson Physical movement begins to elevate the heart beat and the muscles warm up.

  3. Customized Massage Therapy: Finally you get the massage you’ve been waiting for that’s customized to your


Deluxe Wellness Retreats

Deluxe retreats include all of the services of a Standard Wellness retreat as well as a signature Nantucket experience.


Forrest Bathing


Island Bike Tour


Paddle Board Lesson

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