Forest Bathing EXPERIENCE

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

Relax, Renew, Return to Nature


We all know how good nature can make us feel. The soft sand under our toes, the sunlight shimmering through the tall grasses, the scent of the fresh ocean breeze. The island sounds bringing us back to our senses in a special way.

The attraction of Nantucket is also inspired by the opportunity to reconnect with the natural elements. We can easily lose this connection as more people live in cites and spend increasing amounts of time inside we can begin to forget what we are missing, and are left feeling unconnected.


Nantucket Forest Bathing

On Nantucket there are almost endless opportunities to soak your senses in the natural world since almost half of the island is in one form of conservation or another.

We use our sense of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste to bridge our experience to the signals of the the natural world.

We leave behind our phones and cameras to allow our impulses to reset back to a human speed.

We’ll begin our forrest bathing with a mindfulness meditation to help us bring us into the present moment and connect with our senses.

Then during a nature bathing experience there is no agenda or goal to accomplish.

You are free to walk aimlessly through the grasses, to dip your fingers into a stream, to lie down and look up through the branches of trees waving through the afternoon sky.

This is about connecting with the land around you, and the earth. This weaving brings you closer to yourself- and leaves you feeling profoundly at home in your skin.

You’ll simply absorb the island, and connect.


How We Support You

  1. We’ll match you with the perfect location, based on your unique needs

  2. Transport you to a remote, locals-only area known for it’s unique beauty, and transformative properties

  3. Provide you with meditation session before your “Forest Bath”

  4. Remain near the pick-up spot for support while you explore, and unwind

  5. Provide water, and a quiet ride back to your home

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Brandon Jellison