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Make Lavender Farm Wellness
a part of your Nantucket tradition!


Lavender Farm Wellness is your destination to relaxation and real health on Nantucket Island. Craft a retreat in the comfort of your own space with a variety of massage therapy services.

With specialized training in orthopedic sports massage techniques, our massage therapists offer deep tissue massage therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Zen Body Therapy (Rolfing) as well as sport specific training for distance runners, golfers, and skiers, clients will notice improved health benefits and range of motion.


We Bring Expert Yoga Teachers to You!

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The BEST body therapy Nantucket has to offer! They customized my massage according to what's best for me!

- Lavender Farm client

Don’t let Nantucket be a break from your healthy habits. We curate personalized services and retreats to keep you in the flow of your healthy lifestyle.  

We are dedicated to relieving people of physical pain and the cumulative and profound effects of stress. With less pain and stress, you’ll naturally engage in a more positive way towards yourself, and the people in your life. The effects ripple, and are nothing short of profound.

We contribute to this vision by offering customized massage sessions ideal for people looking to maintain peak performance and stay injury free. Our massage therapists offer expert support and encouragement to create an environment that supports your health holistically, as well as peak performance for athletes. We’re not just great massage therapists, we’re healthy lifestyle allies.


Healing Happens. Make More Time for Ease.

Skip the traffic. Skip the babysitter. Get right to the Relaxation!