Wellness Professional Application

We are currently looking for practitioners with training in the following modalities: functional medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, energy work, nutrition, massage, bodywork, private yoga, personal training, meditation and reiki.

  • Online Wellness Application

  • Email a copy professional licenses and applicable certifications

    • If you are a Reiki practitioner, you must be at a Masters Level.

  • Add Lavender Farm Wellness as an “Additional Insured” to your liability policy and email a copy to Admin@Lavender-Farm.com. We require a copy of your updated certificate each year to reflects this coverage.

  • Email a Signed Wellness Professional Agreement to Admin(@)Lavender-Farm.com.

  • Email a recent headshot to Admin(@)Lavender-Farm.com (300px by 300px .jpg).


Lavender Farm Wellness (LFW) is committed to offering quality integrative therapies by the most qualified practitioners in our community. We know how effective and important these therapies can be in treating the whole person. In order to have an ethical, sustainable and transparent organization, LFW must follow recognized professional vetting practices and procedures. Thank you for your time, commitment and patience while going through this process. 


We value you and what you do!
The Lavender Farm Team