Great Point Meditation

Discover Nantucket: A Key Destination for Business Leaders, Innovators & Culture-Makers

Nantucket Meditation

For many of of achieving and maintaining success comes more naturally than we might realize. However the challenge is taking the time to make sure our thoughts and actions will lead us toward our ideal life.

Are you limiting yourself?

This is an active form of meditation and contemplation where we will map a course for your ideal life.

The wellness retreat creates the best setting for the habitual chatter of our day-to-day lives to fall away. We use mindfulness meditation, massage therapy, exercise and nutrient dense foods to stabilize and strengthen your mind and body. These are also activities of self compassion, they nourish our intuitive inner voice so that we give voice to our dreams.

“If you want to be happy, think about others” HH Dali Lama

You will never be able to know when to take action on your ideal self, without actively reflecting on ideal self.

Nantucket is a renowned destination for business leaders to get away from the minutia of their lives on the mainland and its accompanying responsibilities. These leaders frequently have limited time on Nantucket and may lack the skills needed to quickly experience their humanity which naturally connects people to their sense of purpose.


How it works:

The Benefits:

Reflect. Restore. Refocus.

Brandon Jellison