Do you notice yourself fidgeting throughout the day while sitting at your desk or while trying to find a calm moment to relax and meditate? How can you hold your posture, you wonder? The answer, lead with a strong back and a soft heart.

In 1998, I went to Karme Choling for a Shambhala Level I meditation retreat. It was my first time spending a whole weekend meditating and I was nervous that my knees and brain would explode from sitting still for so long. In fact, I fidgeted most of the time getting comfortable and felt frustrated that I was thinking all the time. During the question and answer period of the discussion, we asked the teacher what was the best method to hold our posture. The teacher encouraged us to have our backs strong and the heart area soft.


A strong back allows the shoulders to properly rest in place, while the soft heart lends to proper breathing position and posture. This combination allows the upper body to balance over the hips whether meditating in a seated position, sitting at your office desk, walking with your family or running with friends. At Authentic Body Therapy, we encourage our clients to lead with this approach for improved posture, reduced stress and tension throughout their daily lives. Remember to lead with a strong back and a soft heart.

Kara JonesLavender Farm