Set Your Intentions: The Elimination Diet


Are you ready to transform your life, improve your health and learn about the role that toxins play in your wellbeing? Change isn’t always easy, especially changes to diet or lifestyle. We believe you can succeed in this program, we have done it ourselves and discovered tremendous insights about our own eating habits that continue to serve us daily.

Before you begin with The Elimination Diet, it is vital to set your intention and motivation.

Find a quiet place to sit and focus for twenty seconds or so to remember the feeling you had when you said, “Yes! This is what I want/need/deserve to do for myself.”

Our intention is our orientation, where are we going? While our motivation is how quickly do want to get there or how heavy are we pressing on the gas pedal? This level of clarity helps orient our minds to achieve our goal.

  • What was your intention in signing up for the program?

  • What motivates you to stay with the program?

  • Write that down and place it somewhere that you can see it everyday in your environment.

You deserve this!