Orthopedic Sports Massage for Recovery on Nantucket


Maybe it has been a few months since you’ve been out for a run and you are noticing a few aches and pains the next day. You’re not injured, but you’re not on your “A-game” either.

How do you recover? What’s your game plan? Massage is wonderful, but there are many varieties of massage therapists and techniques to choose from. It can be difficult to understand what support you need or what benefits you will receive.

If you love running and being active, then you need more from your massage therapy to make it count. Orthopedic sports massage is the ideal approach for runners and older athletes that feel soreness or stiffness.

Two common situations runners experience that improve with orthopedic sports massage include soreness or pain on the bottom of the feet and IT band pain. Pain on the bottom of the feet can be felt in the arch or heel of the foot. This pain can be inflammation of the tendons on the bottom of the foot, which will “act up” each time you go running. Pain on the outsides of the thighs and even lower back, at the end of a long run, is caused by stress building up on the IT band of the leg muscles. The longer the run, the more stress accumulates in the muscles and IT band.

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A well-trained massage therapist who can deliver orthopedic sports massage is an essential tool in any runner’s toolkit to maintain top performance by preventing and efficiently recovering injuries.

For either of these situations, pain in the bottom of the feet or IT band, a few sessions of orthopedic sports massage are an effective way to resolve this problem and get you back out running.


Stay Limber and Injury-Free!