Neck and Should Pain Relief Exercise

Neck and shoulder pain relief can be a frequent discomfort for many. These pains often crop up after exercise or can result from poor posture, tension, and stress and can lead to headaches and pain throughout your upper body. At Lavender Farm Wellness, we prescribe the following three stretches for our clients who notice frequent neck and should pain relief to release, soften and balance these discomforts.

  • Side Arm and Neck Stretch

    The side arm and neck stretch, also known as a spinal twist, opens the shoulder girdle and passively allows the soft tissue around the spine to soften in a balanced way.

  • Single Arm Sweep

    The single arm sweep creates a balanced range of motion. By pressing the elbow and wrist evenly into the floor through this motion you will develop balanced strength through the shoulder’s full range of motion. This movement strengthens and compliments the “spinal twist”.

  • Bridge Headstand

    The bridge headstand strengthens the rotator cuff and the spine. This can be a big step up from the previous two movements. Be sure to listen to your body, if it feels like too much then start with a simple bridge pose.