Lavender Farm Wellness Center Nantucket Treats Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is an unfortunate condition that affects a huge number of people. Fortunately, this widespread condition is very responsive to therapy.

The first step is to identify the usual suspects, Quadratus Lumborum (QL) and Iliopsoas. When each of these muscles contains hyper-tense fibers (knots) they refer pain to the lower back area.

Step two is to passively release the muscles. Lie on your back with your calves fully supported on a couch or ottoman. Your thighs should be 90 degrees to your torso. Rest here for one to five minutes, depending on the severity of the lower back pain. For a deeper release, place tennis balls under the muscular part of your lower back. This technique is simple and useful, especially when your massage therapist is out of town for the month.

Are you experiencing recurring lower back pain? Book a customized 60- or 90-minute massage session today with one of our massage therapists.

Kara JonesLavender Farm