Ways to Give Back on Nantucket

We are passionate about giving back to others and offering kindness into our community.  The holiday season brings out the spirit of giving and many local charities have great opportunities to help those in need through volunteering, donating, and gift programs. Explore some of the different ways you can give back on Nantucket this holiday season.

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Why Try the Elimination Diet?

Why try the Elimination Diet? How does it work? Learn more about foods to avoid and foods to enjoy on the diet as well as reintroduction and healing your immune system and gut. A diet with a large diversity of foods helps ensure that the body gets essential nutrients and is especially important for those who have digestive issues.

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Zen BodyTherapy®

A natural and committed form of bodywork that releases physical, chemical, psychological and spiritual traumas can be found in Zen Bodytherapy®. Looking to leave your body free of fear, hate, greed and pain? Life is a flow of energy. Explore this natural form of massage therapy.

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IT Band Relief

IllioTibial Band Syndrome is caused by friction between the Iliotibial (IT) band and the knee bone. This tension results in pain around the knee cap and is usually the result of increasing the distance of the runs or poor running form.

We offer customized treatment to effectively loosen the tension of the IT Band and allow the knee to move unimpeded.

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Kara JonesLavender Farm
The Elimination Diet

Do you suffer from digestive problems, headaches, low energy, joint aches, and/or weight gain? Food reactions are a frequently overlooked cause of chronic health issues. The Elimination Diet helps to uncover food(s) that may be the culprits. It is a very useful tool for diagnosing adverse food reactions, whether true allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity. Are you ready to detox and rejuvenate? Contact us today!

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Orthopedic Sports Massage for Recovery on Nantucket

If you love running and being active, then you need more from your massage to make it count. Orthopedic sports massage is the ideal approach for runners and older athletes that feel soreness or stiffness. A well-trained massage therapist who can deliver orthopedic sports massage is an essential tool in any runner’s toolkit to maintain top performance by preventing and efficiently recovering injuries.

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