Nourish Body & Mind Completely

Craft Your Own Holistic Wellness Retreat

Discover how it feels to leave your vacation feeling genuinely better. There’s should be no need for a “vacation after your vacation”, instead, if you take a little time during your vacation to take profoundly good care of yourself, you will leave your stay with a full tank.

Wellness Retreat Idea

I invite you to close your eyes and imagine a your starting your annual Nantucket Beach vacation…. Your heart rate is still a bit elevated as from a dynamic exercise session on the beach. While walking back you’re handed a fruit smoothie back to your beautiful vacation rental. In the lawn is a white tent that shades a massage table where you are about to have your muscles kneaded and stresses eliminated.

Now I want to share the reality…. You’ve overpacked the car because your rushing to leave the house, which means you’re now sitting in traffic for 4- 6 hours so you can show up 30 min early in order to catch a 2 ½ hour boat ride. Once finally on the island you find starving and still stuck in traffic. This is a a no win decision and I’ll bet you or someone in the car is hungry by now, do you go to the grocery store which will be a nut house or wander between restaurants where indignant hostesses will inform you and your kids that they only have a 9:30 seating available.  

The Wellness scene on Nantucket is even worse, if you didn’t know that you have to show up at least 30 minutes early for morning yoga class, otherwise you’re out of luck. Imagine a massage or a personal training session on your vacation- sounds great! … only if you booked the appointment a month ahead of time.

This is the reality for the 6,000- 8,000 people who rent homes on Nantucket each summer, we can offer better. This is why Lavender Farm Wellness curate’s wellness retreats and in-home massage and so short-term guests vacationing on Nantucket can maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Let’s look closer at the massage therapy scene on the island. There are 24 licensed massage therapists who serve clients either at private clubs with spas, at hotels or independently. The 3 private clubs that offer massage, which only serve only their private cumulative members base of about a 900 people, this number is actually lower because many of these individuals have multiple memberships at multiple clubs. Then the hotels fill up with hotel guests who stay for the weekend or week. And the remaining handful of independent therapists fill up months in advance serving the 17,000 year-round residents and the 6,000-summer resident.

Who is left to work with the short term guests who rent vacation home for 1, 2, or 3 weeks each summer. These 6,000 -8,000 short-term guests don’t have a chance of booking any wellness appointments. This situation is true for the other wellness services providers such as personal trainers, yoga instructors, and similar… Since all these people book up so easily, they tend to put very little effort into establishing an online presence.

People who rent homes for a week or more tend to not have the local connections on the island to help them get onto people’s schedules. I know because I didn’t have an opening for a new client for the past four years, this year I added another massage therapist and her schedule filled with only word of mouth networking, nothing online. We can do better.

Lavender Farm Wellness curate’s wellness retreats and in-home massage and so short-term guests vacationing on Nantucket can maintain their healthy lifestyle. Each retreat offers activities that nourish the mind, body, and spirit to uplift the quality of the guest’s Nantucket experience. 

Each of the retreats include two deluxe in-home 90min massage therapy sessions and box a locally grown salad fixings. The next physical element of the retreat will have some variety to match the guests wishes and abilities.  GenX guests may prefer a private yoga lesson, personal training, or surfing lesson, while Boomer guests may prefer bike tours, nature walks or sailing. If guests are staying on island for more than a week, then they can certainly schedule more services. These activates will encourage guests to be outside to connect with the natural elements. such as a bike tour or meditation on the beach.

The Boomer Retreat

The boomer staying on Nantucket want wellness built into their experience. They don’t want the hassle of being in over crowded classes ex-gymnasts in spandex. These couples want seasoned wellness professionals who have done all the cool stuff , but really know how to work with the aches and pains. They don’t want to be pushed too hard, but they don want to feel like they did something that day. They want to get a couple massage therapy and private exercise sessions during the week! They also wan to have an experience that is quintiessential to Nantucket.

  • Bike Tour,

  • Nature Walk or birding in the Cranberry bogs, Great Point, or the secret forrest

  • Fishing or Sailing

  • Yoga, Meditation, or Thai Chi lessons

The GenX Retreat

The GemX stying on Nantucket wants to make the most of their precious vacation time count. They need active relaxation built into their Nantucket experience to offset their high paced career-family life.

These couples want to be able to be pushed a bit to their physical edge the they feel they’ve earned or deserve their massage. They know their life is crazy and the crave the sanity of mindfulness activities. They would enjoy meditation on the beach to help them set goals for the coming year. They appreciate having the services come to them so they avoid using their vacation time sitting in traffic. They may enjoy having a photographer capture a family picture too.

  • Fishing and Sailing

  • Bike tours or paddle boarding

  • Yoga, Personal Training,

  • Surf or Kite Boarding Lesson

Corporate Retreat Idea:

I imagine leading individuals or small groups in a meditation, filling them full of nutrient dense foods, having them exercise, taking them out to a deserted beach for a while and then asking them what's the most important. 

Nantucket is a renowned destination for business leaders to get away from the minutia of their lives on the mainland and its accompanying responsibilities. These leaders frequently have limited time on Nantucket and may lack the skills needed to quickly experience their humanity which naturally connects people to their sense of purpose. There are a number of proven Complimentary Alternative Medicines techniques that reduce mental stress and physical pain and henceforth connect them to their sense of purpose. 

I believe that when people have less stress and physical pain they are able to more effectively connect with their humanity and connect to their sense of purpose. I'd like to facilitate customized retreats for business leaders that will support them staying connected to their sense of purpose so they can most effectively lead companies and our culture from the best versions of themselves. There is a well-developed pool of independent health and wellness on the island that need to be would be motivated if there was a year-round demand. 

I've been on the island for the past 10+ years with a seasonal business and am now expanding my team to support the increasing need for wellness services on Nantucket.