Kaitlyn Faria LMT


As a sports enthusiast herself, Kaitlyn knows what athletes need to perform at their best! As a massage therapist she excels helping runners and cyclists keep their legs and low back limber and injury-free. Her training and talent allow her to know and feel when the muscles tension releases and resuming its potential. In addition  therapeutic massage, Kaitlyn is trained in sports massage techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and muscle energy techniques.

Kaitlyn choose to become a massage therapist to support her passion for athletics and continue to support others in their respective endeavors. In college she studied anatomy and biology and realized that she wanted to take a more hands on approach which lead her to Massage Therapy. With that strong foundation she paid her dues in the spa scene for a couple years until we met at the Boston Marathon massage event last year. We talked and stayed in touch over the past year and I'm pleased that she's decided to offer massage to the athletes on Nantucket this summer.